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The Henderson-Vance Downtown Development Commission, Inc. (DDC) has been active in revitalization and economic development of our Historic Downtown area. It is the goal of the DDC to support all efforts to make our Historic Downtown a great place to shop, eat, be entertained and work. Almost all of the shops and offices in the Downtown are classified as small or rural businesses. One of the main barriers to economic development is the lack of funds to aid and assist the businesses. It is the goal of the DDC Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) and the DDC Revolving Loan Committee (RLFC) to make small loans available to these businesses to stimulate the creation of new jobs and/or maintain existing jobs.

The RLFC will consider the financial need of each application, the probability of success, the security offered, and the overall benefits of the project to the Henderson Historic Downtown Business District; including the number of jobs to be created or retained, diversification of the economy, the extent of the upgrading of skills of the overall workforce, the quality of the jobs in terms of pay scale and benefit package and for community development projects, improvements to the community infrastructure, facilities and/or acquisitions that improve the health, safety and/or medical care of area residents.

DDC loan opportunities are designed to assist businesses who might not qualify for traditional funding sources. However, your application will require a strong business plan, sales projections, financial statements and other planning documents. Helpful templates and guidance for these documents can be found here for free. 

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Ask how you can qualify for tax credits of up to 40% of your project.  We can help!


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