As originally reported November 14, 2017 by the Daily Dispatch - Henderson, NC

Henderson Crime Rate at Three-Decade Low

According Henderson Police Chief Marcus Barrow, Henderson’s overall crime rate in 2016 dropped to its lowest point in the past 32 years and is on pace to decrease again in 2017.

Barrow shared the numbers with the Henderson City Council on Monday night as part of his October report. In the report Barrow included the most recent numbers from the FBI’s 2016 annual report on crime in the United States, and also included crime totals in Henderson dating back to 1985.

In 2016, Henderson, with a population of 15,166, reported 160 violent crimes and 878 property crimes for a total of 1,038 reported Part I crimes, which include murder, aggravated assault, forcible rape, robbery, arson, burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft.

In 2015, Henderson reported 182 violent crimes and 1,041 property crimes for a total of 1,223.

When adjusted on a 100,000 person scale, Henderson’s overall 2016 crime index rate came in at 6,746. In 2015, the rate was 8,077; and Henderson’s average crime rate from 1985 to 2014 was roughly 11,654 per 100,000.

Barrow credits the drop to his department’s more proactive approach in the community.

“We have worked really hard with Walmart and trying to figure out different things,” Barrow said. The superstore is where a large number of property crimes take place in Henderson. “Also, we’re trying to work with our youth more.”

Barrow credited youth work being done not just by his office, but also the work being done by Vance County Schools and the Henderson-Vance Recreation and Parks Department.

As a point of reference, Barrow compared Henderson’s numbers to Oxford’s 2016 numbers. Oxford, with a population of 8,794, had higher violent and property crime rates than Henderson and a higher overall crime rate of 7,232 per 100,000.

“Chief, we appreciate you because this says right here it’s [the crime rate] lower than it’s been in 31 years overall,” Mayor Eddie Ellington said.

While Barrow sees the numbers as a major accomplishment, he assured the council that he and his department aren’t satisfied.

“We’re doing better than we have been but we’re not going to be satisfied, we’re not going to be happy,” Barrow told the council. “We’re going to keep on fighting and hopefully this will make a turn around for us to bring some business, industry and things like that here.”

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