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Jackie Newton recently reached out to the DDC office to volunteer her time for what she called "making Henderson better in any way I can". The Economic Vitality Committee is reconvening the city's Community Appearance Commision and Jackie is slated to be confirmed as its first member.                                                THANK YOU JACKIE!

Downtown Development
207 N. Garnett Street
Henderson, NC 27536


Phone: +1.252.820.9785

E-mail: Kaine@DowntownDevelopment.org

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If you'd like to get involved in the further development of this community, call,

text, email, or just stop in. We'd love to know about YOU.

The next meeting is Thursday, July 12th at 4 p.m. in the DDC board room.

Phil Hart                       Chairman, Dataforge
Brian Paynter               Vice-Chair, Cornerstone General Contracting
Daniel White                Treasurer, WW Properties
Maria Bailey                 Retired – VGCC, Vance Furniture Company
Marcus Barrow             Henderson Police Department
Ron Cava                     First Baptist Church
Benny Finch                 Retired – H-V Economic Development Commission

Paul Harvin                  Rosemyr Corporation
Daniel Hendley             Daniel Hendley Photography
Kim Jordan                   Fidelity Bank
Alice Sallins                  Vance County Arts Council
Paylor Spruill                City of Henderson
John Barnes                Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce
Dennis Jarvis               H-V Economic Development Commission
Corey Williams             City of Henderson
Eddie Ellington             Mayor, City of Henderson

Tanya Weary                Vance-Granville Community College
​Gordon Wilder              Vance County Board of Commissioners

Yolanda Feimster         Vance County Board of Commissioners

Phil Lakernick               Ballet Arts

Amanda Walker Ellis    Rogers & Rogers Law

Patti McAnally               Perry Memorial Library

Becky I. Matthews        Attorney
Kaine Riggan                HVDDC Executive Director

Safety Committee: Improving the real and perceived safety concerns of downtown.  Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1pm, when needed.

Economic Vitality Committee: Strengthening the existing economic assets of the business district while diversifying its economic base. Activities include conducting market analysis to understand the changing market place, adapting vacant buildings that have out-lived their original purposes for use as entertainment or cultural facilities and sharpening the competitiveness of Main Street’s traditional merchants.  Meets the 1st Monday of each month at 3pm. (Next... June 25)

Design Committee: Enhancing the visual quality of the downtown. Attention is given to the downtown environment elements – not just buildings and storefronts but also public improvements, rear entries, signs, landscaping, window displays and graphic materials.  Meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 4pm. (Next... June 26)​

Promotions Committee: Re-establishing downtown as a compelling place for shoppers, investors and visitors. This means not only improving sales but also rekindling community excitement and involvement. Promotion ranges from street festivals to retail merchandising, from community education to marketing and public relations.  Meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 4pm.
(Next... June 27)

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